Dadirri employs a wonderful team of committed staff who take responsibility for providing top quality support for our residents.

We aim to provide a caring and supportive environment for both our residents and our staff.

We aim to provide staff with the appropriate training, protocols and tools they require to carry out their duties and strictly adhere to a clear Work, Health & Safety guidelines prepared for our unique work environment.

Dadirri staff are expected to adhere to the National Standards in Action Summary.

Dadirri maintains a database of passionate and skilled supporters who help fulfil the flexible needs of our Group Homes.

Ongoing positions are available for individuals who would like to work with our residents living with physical and intellectual disabilities and mental health issues to help them achieve their personal life goals. These positions involve working in the Group Home environment and assisting residents undertake their daily activities.

As we provide 24 hour care for our residents applicants need to be available for flexible working hours including day, evening, overnight shifts and weekend shifts.

Interviews and a police clearance check are conducted by Dadirri Disability Services prior to any employee engagement.

An extensive orientation program is conducted and new employees are also supported by an internal mentoring system to help guide their interactions and decisions in the initial weeks of employment to ensure an easy and confident introduction to the resident and facilitate a smooth transition into the Dadirri Group Home environment.

To register your interest in working for Dadirri Disability Services please forward a CV to