Preparing for the NDIS

The roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme will undoubtedly represent a massive change in the way disability support organisations and funding is managed across the sector.

Dadirri Disability Services has been officially registered as an NDIS accredited service provider.

For Dadirri Disability Services it has not meant a massive change in the services and support we offer our residents. The concept behind the NDIS is to officially transfer decision making from a centralised departmental system to empower and enable individual choice.

Dadirri Disability Services already employ a ‘person centred’ approach to service. Residents are supported to make and implement their own decisions and choices.

Changes to funding arrangements anticipated to come under the NDIS will allow Dadirri Disability Services the flexibility to open our doors to new residents.

In what will represent a wonderful development those individuals with packages that include funding for SUPPORTED ACCOMMODATION will be able to choose where they want to live and select a service provider that best suits their individual needs.

Dadirri Disability Services is ready and excited to accept new residents into our group homes in the beautiful NSW Southern Highlands now the NDIS is being rolled out in this area.

Some links for useful information about how to prepare for the roll-out of the NDIS.

If you would like guidance specifically on what is required to secure funding for Supported Accommodation email or call