What we do

Services supported by Dadirri Disability Services vary according to the changing needs and interests of residents.  On a daily basis Dadirri Disability Services staff will support residents achieve the following based on individual ability, confidence and competence:

Assistance with daily personal activities
  • DressingResident Artwork
  • Eating
  • Maintaining personal hygiene
  • Medications
Development of daily living and life skills
  • Support to prepare personal both short and long term goals¬† EG: preparing a personal budget
  • Support to manage personal finances
  • Support to undertake personal shopping
Assistance with daily life tasks
  • Dadirri staff will support resident endeavours to prepare their own meals
  • Dadirri staff will support residents tidying their bedrooms
  • Dadirri staff will help co-ordinate and where appropriate, accompany residents to attend medical appointments
Household task
  • Residents are encouraged to take pride in the cleanliness of their home and take some ownership of daily upkeep.
Behaviour support
  • Residents receive counselling and support to articulate behaviour management plans
  • Dadirri staff work with residents and specialists to identify, write and implement their behaviour management plans.
Assistance with travel/transport arrangements
  • Each Dadirri residence has a vehicle suitable for transporting residents
  • Individual transport requirements are co-ordinated as required utilising external services with appropriately modified vehicles.
Participation in community, social, civic activities
  • Dadirri Disability services organises events, activities, day trips specifically for residents eg art projects, dances, bbqs, excursions to the beach
  • Also provide assistance for residents to attend other external social events eg Tulip Time parade, movies, ten pin bowling
Community nursing for high care needs
Assistance to access & maintain employment
Physical wellbeing activities
Therapeutic supports