If you would like to offer your time to support the work of Dadirri Disability Services we would love to speak with you.

Opportunities exist for volunteers to work directly with residents.

Professional volunteering opportunities also exist to support the administration and maintenance of the Dadirri Disability Services organisation.

The volunteer needs of our organisation vary according to the changing needs of our residents. We continually monitor resident interests and goals and then identify opportunities to support those goals.

We have volunteers who provide music lessons to some of our residents within the Group Home. We have volunteers who conduct weekend art workshops.

Resident Advocates:
Each Dadirri resident is represented by an independent ‘Advocate’. Each Advocate agrees to speak on behalf of their resident, or to help them speak for themselves. Each Advocate takes on a responsibility to help ensure the resident is kept informed, and understands, decision making opportunities, actions and consequences in relation to their care.

We encourage Advocates to work with residents so they feel empowered to speak out and provide feedback about services they are receiving.

Advocate meetings are held every two months or earlier if required.

Advocate Applicants should have a compassionate and patient nature. There are currently no vacancies but please contact admin@dadirri.org.au to register your interest.