Our Residents

Dadirri Disability Services is very lucky to be able to support a wonderful group of men and women who all lead active, healthy, happy lives within the Southern Highlands community.

A number of the current residents have called a Dadirri house their home for many years. Most residents transition into a Dadirri home from the direct care of their family.

At present Dadirri has one home with all male residents. These gentlemen range in age from 30 years to 50 years and live with a range of both physical and intellectual disabilities requiring varying levels of daily care and support.

The other three Dadirri residences are currently all home to ladies with the age range and level of support required again varied.

As housemates these individuals learn to work together to create a harmonious living environment with the support and encouragement of a team of dedicated, compassionate and experienced staff.

A very positive dynamic is fostered in each of the Dadirri Group Homes as residents share their challenges, interests and day-to-day life experiences. They are friends and treat each other like family.

Leaving the family home to become more personally independent represents a very big step in the life of any individual and Dadirri residents are no exception.

Dadirri staff work with families and carers of new residents to ensure the transition into a group home is as seamless as possible. For new residents it is usually both exciting and challenging as they adjust to a new routine surrounded by a team of new people. The rewards quickly become clear as residents form new friendships and thrive in the atmosphere of supported independence.

Individual resident programs are developed by the House Manager in consultation with family, independent day program service providers and medical representatives. They outline things like personal interests, behaviour focus areas and development goals so each resident is on a consistent path of personal growth. These individual programs are further enriched by the program of activities organised by each Group Home and for all Dadirri residents.

The individual programs are usually reviewed every few months or more regularly if required.

Great friends and holiday fun

Dadirri takes very seriously the importance of respecting the privacy of residents.

It’s why we choose not to promote our organisation with signage on our homes and vehicles. The aim of Dadirri Disability Services is to provide a foundation from which individual residents are supported to participate and integrate as much as possible into the local community.

It’s why we limit the exposure of our residents in Dadirri Disability Services marketing material and this website. The role of Dadirri is to facilitate and support the individual growth of our residents.

Resident images on this website and any marketing material have been used only after seeking the permission of each resident. They are used to illustrate the activities and services provided by Dadirri Disability Services.